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COVID-19 : Important Patient information

Patient attendance procedure:

  • The patient should attend alone wherever possible or with one other person if necessary/ or as a family (large families may be asked to wait outside if the waiting room is already full to capacity due to social distancing measures) 

  • All non-respiratory patients are required to wear at least a simple face covering when they attend

  • All respiratory patients are required to wear surgical facemasks (Type II or Type IIR) which is provided if necessary

  • If the patient requires a chaperone, they should be advised of the practice policy on chaperones​

  • The patient will be asked a series of respiratory screening questions at the back door or online before entering the practice, (if answering yes to any question) the patient will be placed on the respiratory pathway if their treatment cannot not be deferred an appropriate appointment time /referral will made depending on the individual case at the clinician’s discretion.

  • If the patient answers no to all the respiratory questions the patient will be placed on the non-respiratory pathway and appointment may commence.

  • The patient must use the hand sanitizer upon entering the practice

  • The patient will then check their medical history and personal details via the clinipad if this has not been carried online. 

  • ​The patient waiting area is open for patients to come in and will remain socially distanced, all patients must comply with social distance guidance.

  • At the end of treatment, the patient should place their face mask/face covering back on and leave the room, then perform hand sanitation using alcohol gel placed at the reception area.

  • The patient will then be asked to pay/ sign clinipad and then exiting practice via main entrance.

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