COVID-19 : Important Patient information

Prior to your attendance at the practice, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the information below. The workings and protocols currently within operation at the practice are very different to what you will have been used to in the past. This is because all efforts are being made to prioritise the safety of patients and staff during the pandemic, whether that be ensuring the maintenance of social-distancing or enhancing our already excellent infection control routines. All steps are as important as each other, but it is imperative that all points are adhered to. Please read all points carefully.

  • Patient should use the toilet before attending the practice if possible

  • Patient should only bring minimal belongings into the practice 

  • Patient should attend alone wherever possible

  •  If the patient requires a chaperone, the chaperone will also have to answer the COVID-19    Pre-screening questions.

  • All patients should wear a face mask when they attend the practice

  • The patient can only enter the building when summoned by phone or at the agreed time

  • The patient will be met by a team member at the entry point wearing appropriate PPE who will check their medical history and personal details via the clinipad (which is then sanitized)

  • Patients will be screened using the standard COVID-19 Pre- screening questions and if now in Category 1 (COVID-19 symptoms) will be referred to an appropriate center (if it is an emergency) or advised to self-isolate.

  • The patient must use the hand sanitizer on entry and exit of the practice

  • Payment may be taken in advance of the dental appointment or via contactless payment at the practice, we kindly ask no cash at this present time please

  • Patients are reminded to comply with the social distancing clearly marked around the practice

  • The patient will then be escorted directly into the surgery or if not possible to wait in their car/outside the practice until instructed it is safe to attend however, if required to wait in the waiting room/outside the practice patients must wear a mask and social distance as per markings on the floor/seating area

  •  Patient belongings will be placed in a designated clear plastic box which will be disinfected after use

  • At the end of treatment, the patient should leave the room immediately, dispose of PPE in a clinical waste bin if required and perform hand sanitization using alcohol gel placed at reception

  • The patient should then collect their belongings from the designated clear plastic box, and will be escorted to the practice exit

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